Heartworm disease is a worm that infiltrates the heart causing death. It is transmitted by the mosquito and is prevalent in Florida. Heartworm disease is a high risk treatment so heartworm prevention is the key. Previously in the United States only once a month heartworm prevention was available.

ProHeart 6 is an injection for dogs that prevents heartworm disease for 6 months. It is very advantageous to dog owner whom have difficulty administering heartworm medication or for those who prefer the convenience of a 6 month heartworm prevention. Your veterinarian can send you a reminder to make sure ProHeart 6 is given every 6 months.

ProHeart 6 is “moxidectin” which was used in the United States in 2001 till 2003 before it was pulled from the market and reevaluated for safety and efficacy. It has been used in Europe and Australia for almost a decade. ProHeart 6 has now been reintroduced to the United States since June 12, 2008.

ProHeart 6 must be administered by a veterinarian who has undergone certification of a risk minimization product training program. Ask your veterinarian or the Drs. at Englewood Animal Health Center. There are several restrictions for administering ProHeart 6 to dogs. These include not using Proheart 6 within one month of vaccinations, dogs with allergies, dogs under 6 months and over 6 years of age, and dogs that are sick. Dogs also do need to be healthy, have a blood organ function test, and be heartworm tested negative before the drug can be injected. Side effects can have many signs including vomiting and diarrhea.

This drug has been used extensively around the world but because safety standards are high in the United States, labeling and usage are being closely evaluated. Even the Manufacturer is open to say that feed back and result from clinical trails for the next 12 months will determine how Proheart 6 will be used and administered in the future. Some pet lovers will wait and see how this drug performs but others, whom have been waiting for a long acting heartworm prevention are rejoicing.

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